In June three expedition leaders spent 2 weeks in Tanzania to get organised for the trip next year. It was incredibly successful, and none of us wanted to come home again! We spent a lot of time arranging the building project, discussing camping arrangements, checking we could feed everybody, along with sorting vehicles, rest days and the relaxation period. We were really pleased with the progress made and can’t wait to go back next year.

One unfortunate conclusion from the recce was that the project in Engaruka was not practical for our team. This was a difficult decision to make but is the right thing for the expedition. As a consequence, a key task for the recce was to agree an alternative project. This was successful, so I’d like to let all our supporters know we will now be building 2 classrooms for St. Jude’s Nursery School in Mto Wa Mbu; with the intention to help convert it to providing primary and nursery school education for the community.

In the last couple of months we have been very busy fundraising. We spent Bank holiday Monday at the Danby Antiques Fair where many of the team put their (or their parents’) baking skills to the test making a variety of homemade cakes for customers to buy along with their cup of tea and bacon buttie. We will be running the café at Danby Antiques Fair on Monday 29th August. We held a quiz and curry night on Sunday 26 June. This was a huge and the secret curry recipe went down well.
The team also had a great day car washing on Saturday 16 July

Training Weekend
As the main job in Tanzania is bricklaying, we really got serious about this training during the weekend; with everyone spending ¾ of a day laying bricks and making cement. Each team laid corners and 2-3 courses of a two skin, 3m wall. We ended the weekend with 6 small but impressive straight walls that each team should be proud of.

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