The 'Scouts International Home' Association was founded with the Centre and has since developed into the 'Kandersteg International Scout Centre' Association. Lord Baden-Powel was one of the first members of the Association and today there are over 750 members in almost 50 countries around the world. The members range from individuals, who were perhaps here as a guest or Staff, to National Scout Organisations or businesses.

The aim of the Association is to operate a Centre in Kandersteg for members of Scout and Guide organisations from around the world to come together. The Association elect a Committee, who are responsible for reviewing the Centre on a regular basis and aiding in the development and future policies of the Centre.

Any person or organisation can join the Association and support the work of the Centre. Several times a year, we produce a Members' Newsletter to keep people up-to-date with what is happening here. And we regularly organise events to help fellow members meet one another.


Support Topics

  • Promoting Kandersteg to UK members

  • Supporting UK Members applying as staff

  • Organising and Leading UK Kandersteg Working Party

  • Supporting Locally organised International events to Kandersteg

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